Pattern Lab Node

Go ahead, check out, the public Pattern Lab instance used to create the site you are now on.

An image of Pattern Lab used to create this site

Go check out the Pattern Lab Node repository on Github for more information, like how to install. Full documentation can be found there and at

My Writing About Pattern Lab

Using Pattern Lab to Design Build and Maintain a Website

In this article I detail the configuration that makes this Jekyll site work alongside Pattern Lab Node, and then be easily deployed to Github Pages.

Solving Problems with Pattern Lab - Small Team Workflow

Additional Pattern Lab Resources

Pattern Lab Side Nav

An alternative style guide navigation developed and open-sourced at Roydan.

Pattern Lab Node As Dependency Reference Repositories

Since Pattern Lab v1.1.0 you may more easily add Pattern Lab as a dependency in your workflow. I created some reference repositories for grunt and gulp toolchains that illustrate this concept. Hope it is useful to you.