Pattern Lab Node 0.9.0 Released

Pattern Lab 0.9.0 is shipped! In the span of a day or two, I received three pull requests, two of which provide major new functionality to Pattern Lab Node. Here is the CHANGELOG:

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU TO the super people that made this release possible, @getsetbro @laurendorman and @walmokrani for finding time to use pl node, report issues, and even help code solutions. You all have no idea how energized this made me. You are all superheroes.

Upgrade Instructions

If upgrading this time, you may need to run an npm update to get the new grunt-contrib-copy tool. To upgrade, you can find some yet-unreleased documentation here:

You can view the specific release here:

Onward, to v1.0.0!

Originally posted 04/22/15 - Brian Muenzenmeyer - Follow me on Twitter