February 2016 Month In Review

Month in Review

This marks my second month of tracking goals using Una Kravets’ open-source goal tracking process.

And wow what a month it turned out to be.

Pattern Lab Node is being used at Target to create some crazy cool ambitious initiatives, and the team invited me to headquarters in Minneapolis to see for myself. I cannot begin to describe how rewarding the day was, and how generous my hosts were. It was truly humbling (read: terrifying) to see teams of people using that thing I wrote in the basement - really still in the shadow of the behemoth that is Pattern Lab PHP (seriously, watch out for v2). I need to do a formal write-up about this trip, as these few thoughts don’t do the day, the team, or the learning justice.

On the heels of this trip came this:

A jealous reply on my part quickly turned into the very real possibility of me tag-teaming the workshop with Brad and Dave, completing the three-legged-stool that is Pattern Lab. Brad and Dave are nice enough to accommodate me and work with the organizers to make it all happen. Needless to say, I am looking forward to this.

I released three versions of Pattern Lab Node - something that I don’t think has every happened before. The momentum and teamwork being focused on the repository right now is again humbling to be a part of. More to write on this too someday.

On the other-goals-besides-patternlab front, I spent some time getting back to design, both for myself and clients. Nothing too special, but one result was a bolder version of www.brianmuenzenmeyer.com. It’s not perfect - but it felt good to stretch out the muscles again.

I learned that I am not too great at long-sustained or vague tasks like clearing out my Instapaper—filler work that is inevitably and eagerly put off. A place to tweak goals in the future into more-concrete territory, like reading N articles from the content list.

See the full list on Github

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